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UK Life Insurance

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Drewberry Life Insurance

   Santander Life Insurance Overview

Santander Life Insurance


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Life Insurance from Santander

Santander think that your family and your income are two of the most important things to you. You'd want to do everything to protect them.

Protect Your Mortgage
Your mortgage is usually your biggest financial commitment. You don't want your loved ones to worry about how they're going to make repayments if you're not around. With Santander life insurance, provided by Aviva, your mortgage could be paid off if you die or suffer a critical illness during the term of the policy.

Protect Your Family
You may have protected your mortgage in the event of death, if you were to be diagnosed with a critical illness, or if you couldn't work because of an accidental injury or illness, how would you be able to cover your monthly outgoings?

With Santander's range of protection solutions, provided by Aviva, you can take steps to make things easier for you and your family if the worst ever did happen.

For further information on Santander life insurance visit the Santander website.


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